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"Dope, an instant ticket to paradise. There is nothing that feels quite like the butterflies you get as you cook up your batch, nothing like the race to find your good vein. You don't notice, but your breath is lost as you carefully watch the needle disappear into your arm. Everything stops and fades into the background, the only thing you know at that point is the slow descend of the plunger as liquid love flows through your body. As the empty needle slips easily out, the world returns into focus once more. Now comes the wait. Its not long, a few seconds if that, but time will seemingly fight to stand in place, just to spite you.

"And then it hits you, first in your core and soon it bleeds into your entire being. It's this incredible wash of pleasure and calm that claims your whole being, and you'll never truly know until it surges through you as no words could give it justice. This new feeling, it will carry you to the sky and you'll feel better then anyone in the world ever did. So high up above everything that nothing holds power over you. No possible problems can follow you there. Your thoughts are still clear as day, but you simply feel amazing.

"Every feeling, every sensation brought to your being is pure ecstasy. Pleasure is carried across your whole body from a single touch, it feels like nothing you've ever even imagined. And the connection you feel towards others who are with you, up high with you in this experience, is overwhelmingly strong. The bond between two people, if it is true and real, will be fortified and strengthened, forever outlasting the drug itself.

"As you float, you will be able to see the good in everything, and realize that everything is going to be ok. Dope can save the world."
Heroin is not something that is easy to describe, but unless you are going to experience it first hand, this is as close as you'll really get.

I wrote this last time I was tweaking on speed. It helps you open your mind and let your words flow so my friends and me never tweak without a notebook to write in.
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May 23, 2010
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